Secure Off Site Backup is the Business Standard.

Protect PC or Mac (or Linux)

Backblaze ensures your hard work is protected by backing up everything on your computer, even attached USB drives (except your operating system, applications, temporary files. You do not need those on a replacement laptop). The backup speed is unthrottled, meaning the speed at which you back up is limited only by your Internet connection. Backblaze Mobile for iPhone let's you access, view and share the data you have backed up with Backblaze from your iPhone. Your data is secure at every backup step because it is encrypted on your computer, sent over an encrypted connection, and stored encrypted.

Want more security? You can use your own private key so nobody but you can ever have access. Backblaze de-duplicates, compresses, and backs up incrementally to backup as efficiently as possible.

Have the same photo stored twice? Backblaze will de-duplicate to back it up just once; if you restore, it will be put back in both places. Change a file multiple times? Backblaze will only back up the changes.

Unlimited backup, $50 per year per computer and your backup strategy is complete.


From bytes to petabytes Backblaze B2 is the lowest cost high performance cloud storage in the world.

Backblaze also integrates with many GUI and Command Line solutions. and has configurable data life cycle rules.

Backblaze is secure and rock solid reliable. 2FA, HTTPS, and a variety of electronic and physical safeguards combined with a 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) and a 99.999999% reliability durability to validate that Backblaze has been storing petabytes for 10+ years.

Support options including email, chat, and 24x7 phone are available.

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